Personalized Quilled Frame

Time for a Throwback Thursday post and a long one at it.

Fotor Final frame

Today, I am posting about the quilled frame that I had made as a farewell gift for this lovely couple, whom we had know through tides high and low. They were going to retire and settle down in India so when the question ‘what to gift them?’ raised I said straight away, that I’m going to quill for them and my husband went with me too 🙂

So, first up was the selection of the photo. I selected the one where I had made them pose for me 😉 Next, the hunt for the perfect frame began. I searched for a box frame but couldn’t find one matching my size requirements. Then I decided to modify a normal IKEA frame into a box frame and you will find out how to do that in this post.

Now, with the photo and frame in hand, I sat down to design the quilling. I tried to keep it as simple as possible for this was my first attempt 🙂


After deciding on the colors, I went on to try my hands at swirls and it was fun to make them.


Once everything was completed, I went on to add thick strips of folded card stock on all four sides of the frame to keep the glass raised above my quilled work. Finally, it was all sealed in using a hot glue gun.


And there u go.

A personalized quilled frame gifted to the lovely couple 🙂


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  1. reachapratim says:

    Simple and lovely 🙂

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