Valentine Hearts – Papercut

When SanB (my BFF) designed this amazing hearts paper cut I sooooo loved it that i offered to do the test cut for her. For newbies, test cut is after you design a paper cut, you do a test cut before going for the final cut so as to locate any unconnected islands in your design. I enjoyed doing this test cut for her because all I did was to sit with my paper cutting knife and work on it. The result was very satisfying. Now this hearts papercut is adding more love to my office space.


Through this paper cut we found inspiration for Project ArSa. Who would have thought that doing a test cut for the BFF would inspire the duo to embark on a journey together? Well, yes.Project ArSa is a crafting project by my BFF and me, where in we plan to keep each other busy on a weekly basis. Also, you can visit my BFF’s blog to check out her creations for our project.


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  1. Vasanthi says:

    It does looks more highlighted with the red and white colour choice. Awaiting eargerly for more such creations.

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