Papercut Bookmark with infills

Hi all,
This week on Project ArSa we decided to try our hands at in filled paper cut. This is papercutting with one step further wherein the design is completely or partially backed with colour papers to fill the cut spaces thereby adding more effect. I have longed to try this method but was hesitant thinking it will be tedious. Well, Project ArSa gave me the courage to go on. While designing I wanted the infill to be visible on both sides so I selected to go for a bookmark. A very simple design. And we set to work. What seemed to be a simple job in the beginning started taking more and more time. The cutting of two sides, getting them to align, then cutting pieces to make the infills, the sticking of the infill on the very thin paper border, etc are a few of the things we had to keep in mind. But finally we did finish it. Not perfect but yet satisfying for a first attempt.


Here is a collage of the front and back sides of the bookmark.


Hop over to Apratim to check out my BFF’s version and her experience in creating this bookmark.


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