Paper and Me


Pure Paper Passion

Crafting has always been my favorite hobby since i was a child. Being┬áthe only child, paper, scissors, glue, tape, etc. have always been my leisure time companions. Origami is my favorite among other paper crafts. Back then i didn’t have the technology or guidance to learn and develop my skills. And for the same reason i couldn’t preserve my works too. Now that i have the opportunity in my hands i am all set to use it to the best. In 2010, while browsing for some new origami ideas i came across this term “Quilling”. The term “Quilling” itself was new to me so i started to browse about it. The more i learned about it the more i liked it. The more i like it the more i do it. Quilling became a part of my daily chores. If not much i used to at least cut the strips for my forthcoming projects. And so, my journey as a quiller began with an album on my FB account, graduated to a dedicated FB page and now starting off with this blog.

In addition to quilling related projects, you will also find me indulge myself in other forms of crafts such as paper cutting, 3D origami, modular origami, tessallation, kids projects, etc. Did you notice the similarity here? Yes, paper is my preferred medium of work. Enjoy my work and thanks for visiting.